Everything Starts Somewhere

Even blogs.  Simone and I’ve been talk­ing about start­ing a blog for over a year–a writ­ing blog, gen­er­al blog, top­i­cal blog, blog­gy blog.  I’ve been futz­ing with this for at least six months, as you can tell from the var­i­ous book reviews that I’ve post­ed, but have hes­i­tat­ed to point this pup­py out.  I’ve been wait­ing for all the giz­mos to work, for all the bells and whis­tles to chime.  Wait­ing until it was per­fect.

Yeah, per­fect.

The prob­lem with per­fec­tion, as we all know, is that noth­ing ever is.  If we wait­ed for that glo­ri­ous day before point­ing peo­ple toward this small cor­ner of the blo­go­v­erse, well … we nev­er would, and there would be a lot of sit­ting on our hands.

So here we go, and here you are.  Real­ly, what else is impor­tant?  Wel­come to Ink in the Veins.  Thanks for com­ing along for the ride!

What have you been putting off until the tim­ing or cir­cum­stances were per­fect?  I know I’m not the only one who does that, so share.  Inquir­ing minds wan­na know.

Peachy Keen, Jelly Bean

This IS a first post.  Because some­thing has to go here.

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