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This site is mod­er­at­ed.  Beyond that, as The Mary Sue puts it, “It’s our site, we get to make the rules. We’re not tak­ing away your free­dom of speech by deleting/banning you. You can take your anger else­where, we don’t want it.”


Privacy Policy

It’s sim­ple, main­tain­ing your pri­va­cy is our pol­i­cy.  We don’t share info, though if you got here from Face­book or anoth­er social media app, we can’t be 100% sure they won’t.  Fair warn­ing.


Terms of Service

We don’t have Terms of Ser­vice, but Face­book real­ly want­ed us to put some up before we could link the blog back to them.  Sil­ly beasts.  So how about this?  Respect the con­tent and cre­ators of the site.  Feel free to share the site’s con­tents, just give cred­it where cred­it is due.


And be good to one anoth­er.






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