The Stacks: Mystic River

by Dennis Lehane


From Publishers Weekly

Lehane ven­tures beyond his acclaimed pri­vate eye series with this emo­tion­al­ly wrench­ing crime dra­ma about the effects of a sav­age killing on a tight­ly knit, blue-col­lar Boston neigh­bor­hood. Writ­ten with a sen­si­tiv­i­ty toward char­ac­ter that exceeds his pre­vi­ous efforts, the sto­ry tracks the friend­ship of three boys from a defin­ing moment in their child­hood, when 11-year-old Dave Boyle was abduct­ed off the streets of East Buck­ing­ham and sex­u­al­ly molest­ed by two men before man­ag­ing to escape. Boyle, Jim­my Mar­cus and Sean Devine grow apart as the years pass, but a quar­ter cen­tu­ry lat­er they are thrust back togeth­er when Marcus’s 19-year-old daugh­ter, Katie, is mur­dered in a local park. Mar­cus, a reformed mas­ter thief turned fam­i­ly man, goes through a peri­od of intense grief, fol­lowed by a thirst for revenge. Devine, now a homi­cide cop assigned to the mur­der, tries to con­trol his old friend while work­ing to make sense of the baf­fling case, which involves turn­ing over the past as much as it does sift­ing through new evi­dence. In time, Devine begins to sus­pect Boyle, a man of many ghoul­ish secrets who has led a dou­ble life ever since the molesta­tion. Lehane’s sto­ry slams the read­er with uncom­fort­able images, a beau­ti­ful­ly ren­dered set­ting and an unnerv­ing finale.

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