The Stacks: Cop Hater

by Ed McBain


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As a cop with the city’s famed 87th Precinct, Steve Carel­la has seen it all. Or so he thinks. Because noth­ing can pre­pare him for the sight that greets him on a swel­ter­ing July night: fel­low detec­tive Mike Reardon’s dead body splayed across the side­walk, his face blown away by a .45.

Days lat­er, Reardon’s part­ner is found dead, a .45-cal­iber bul­let buried deep in his chest. Only a fool would call it a coin­ci­dence, and Carella’s no fool. He chalks the whole ugly mess up to a grudge killing…until a third mur­der shoots that the­o­ry to hell. Armed with only a sin­gle clue, Carel­la delves deep into the city’s under­bel­ly, launch­ing a grim search for answers that will lead him from a noto­ri­ous broth­el to the lair of a beau­ti­ful, dan­ger­ous wid­ow. He won’t stop until he finds the truth—or until the next bul­let finds him.

The debut nov­el from EdMcBain’s grit­ty 87th Precinct series, Cop Hater was hailed by the New York Times as “the best of today’s pro­ce­dur­al school of police stories—lively, inven­tive, con­vinc­ing, sus­pense­ful, and whol­ly sat­is­fac­to­ry.”


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