The Stacks: A Drink Before The War

by Dennis Lehane


From Ama​zon​.com:

As rich­ly com­plex and bru­tal as the ter­rain it depicts, here is the mes­mer­iz­ing, dark­ly orig­i­nal nov­el that her­ald­ed the arrival of Den­nis Lehane, the mas­ter of the new noir—and intro­duced Patrick Ken­zie and Angela Gen­naro, his smart and tough pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tors weaned on the blue-col­lar streets of Dorch­ester.

A cabal of pow­er­ful Boston politi­cians is will­ing to pay Ken­zie and Gen­naro big mon­ey for a seem­ing­ly small job: to find a miss­ing clean­ing woman who stole some secret doc­u­ments. As Ken­zie and Gen­naro learn, how­ev­er, this crime is no ordi­nary theft. It’s about jus­tice, about right and wrong. But in Boston, find­ing the truth isn’t just a dirty busi­ness … it’s dead­ly.


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