The Balance of All Things

All right, so it’s not the balance of all things, merely certain aspects of my life.

This weekend, Simone and I finished what we call the first reader’s draft of our second MS.  ::incredibly happy dance goes here::  The story has seen a fair whack of revisions already, and we’re to the point where it’s time to let other eyes peruse it, and tell us what they see.  After we have some time away and feedback/crits in our emails, we can assault it with fresh brains.  Which is awesome.  I love this part of the process, because it’s like magic.  Take a couple of weeks away from the story, add a dollop of feedback from our generous and stalwart critiquers, then see what cool things emerge.   And while the MS is out having adventures, I get to dive into all the things I haven’t done for the last … well, a while.

For instance, gardening.   Or, catching up on the five different TV shows I’ve missed entire seasons of.  And there’s my poor family who would like some attention.  And responsibilities like cleaning the fishtanks, or making sure no one starves because I’ve neglected to buy groceries for three weeks straight.  Which reminds me, I need to buy groceries.  Or maybe I’ll clean the house.  It hasn’t had a deep and meaningful clean since September, which is, not coincidentally, when we started working on this story.  And in a few days, Simone and I will start on the Phase II revisions of our first MS.

You see how it goes.

It’s true that I sometimes groan and whimper at all the things I want/need to do, and wonder why, why, why I can’t be independently wealthy so I can write 40 hours a week, instead of working outside the house (this moaning does not take into account awesome health benefits), then I’d have all that other time to do things like groceries and gardening.  Which is, I believe, what most artists/writers/dancers/creation-gurus/every-day people want.  Why can’t we just live the life we love??

Then it dawned on me, and I’ll be the first to admit, I’m sometimes slow on the uptake.  I am living the life I love.  For crying out loud, I’m writing NOVELS!  Two, so far, and many more to go!  I get to collaborate and create with a brilliant, insightful, delightful, wonderful friend on an almost daily basis.  I get to play with words, and weave stories together, and do research, and go on site tours, and take the Seattle Police Department’s Community Academy, and dream up new and delightful ways to make my characters suffer or find redemption or fall in and out of love–or all the above!

There’s a gracious lot of AND in my life.

Do I wish I had more hours in the day?  Of course.  Don’t we all?  But I can’t say I’m not living my dream, because I am.  Every day that I sit down and work on a story, I’m living my dream.  And for now, my day job pays for my real job, and that’s really much more than all right.

As for all the rest of life?  It will work out.  It always does.   And therein lies the balance of all things.

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