Season’s Turning


May your heart be as light ….


Summer is waning.  In the mornings, the geese cry to each other as they turn their attention to warmer climes.  The days grow shorter, the sunshine taking on a faded, old-gold cast.  The flowers in my garden are long gone, their seed pods spreading their treasures in the hopes that spring will be a lush one. An equinox looms on the horizon.

Usually the end of summer tugs a cord of sadness in me, and I begin my quiet spiral into seasonal depression.  This year, I’m feeling the opposite.  It feels as if I’ve emerged from the summer of endings.  Now I get to rest, to quietly create, to look toward what is instead of what is not.

This summer was hard for me, for many.  I lost a friend to cancer.  I said goodbye to a furry companion of 15 years.  Other pets were in and out of the vet’s with too much regularity.  A few friends lost family members.  A few friends had serious health concerns.  So many across the world were victims of deadly hate and malice.  And our US politics spun out of control.  Friends still argue, divisive, about who should take the reins of our government.

More personally, the words came grudgingly, and I had to fight every sentence before it would let me consign it to a page.  It felt like a dust bowl summer, where nothing thrived save the heat and the wind, the emptiness and the never-ending grit.

So the cooler weather and softer light feels like a blessing, an opening.  It feels like an opportunity to step back into creation, and caring, and nurturing.  The softness lifts the heart a little, soothes it.  It makes way for wonderful new things to peep through the door.  Like a new kitten (literally).  That’s a good thing.

One of the lessons of this summer is to live without regrets as much as possible.  It’s a lesson that spirals around and around, orbiting me, making sure that I don’t forget it.  It makes me impatient to do more, but happy to at least do.  It reminds me to savor.  It gives me back my words.

I hope your summers were easy and kind, full of laughter and exploration.  I want to hear what you did in your summer.  Please share your story, even a little one.

May our autumns be gentle and abundant with all that is good, true and beautiful.  May all our hearts be as light as a feather.


Literally, a kitty.

Literally, a new kitty.

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