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The election of the 45th President of the United States did not go as I anticipated, or hoped.  In the two weeks following D.T.’s election, we’ve seen a swell in hate crimes, the appointing of white nationalists to chief cabinet positions, and a promise to destroy institutions which serve all people in the US, not just the rich.

The call to hide, to keep our heads down, is enticing.  But I can’t do it.  I’ve never been good at staying silent.  I’m too old now to shut up.  You get what you get.


Wise words from a wise woman.

Wise words from a wise woman.


Toni Morrison wrote these words when W. was reelected.  You can (and really should) read the whole interview HERE.

I’m still processing/grieving/railing against the election results.  I hope to have more words soon.  But I’ve been thinking of you, all of you, and what kind of world we want to have … and how we fight for it in the coming months and years.  One way is with our art.

Be well, speak out, stand strong, create.

— KN




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