A PNW kind of day

It’s a typical Pacific Northwest kind of day.
The sky is that overcast grey that makes it difficult to tell whether it’s 8AM, noon, or 3PM.
There’s a promise of spring, but not yet, just wait a little longer.
In the meantime, have more rain.
Oh, and don’t get too excited, in fact worry, because those daffodils and crocus that are peeking up may get frozen if there’s a cold snap.
And everything that thinks it should be blooming right now will be sorry.
But all those weeds? Oh yeah, they’ll be just fine. In fact, the cold will make them stronger.
And it won’t be cold enough to kill the slug eggs.
The babies are out there right now, marching to war on the daylily buds.
So in the meantime, snuggle up in a blanket with a good book, and a cup of hot tea.
Take a nap.


Peachy Keen, Jelly Bean

This IS a first post.  Because something has to go here.

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