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Serious plotting going on at Starbucks.

Kath Nyborg & Simone Cooper

KATH NYBORG is a writer, editor, and organizer extraordinaire.  She met her partner in crime and fantasy, Simone Cooper, at a role-playing con a decade ago, and has never looked back.  Kath is cheerfully ensconced in the Pacific Northwest with two large dogs, two medium cats, four small fluffy lawn ornaments (aka chickens), innumerable tiny fish, and only one normal husband (thank heaven!).  When she’s not plotting speculative murders, she’s gardening, role-playing, and consuming excessive amounts of coffee–sometimes simultaneously.  She and Simone are neck-deep into their third novel.

kath@inkintheveins.com | kath.nyborg on Facebook | @KathNyborg on Twitter | charactergirl on Goodreads


SIMONE COOPER is an optimist wearing the grisly skin of a cynic she beat to death with the beauty of science. With Kath Nyborg, she writes dark thrillers and fantastical role-playing game scenarios that circle around human questions in our real world, however well-disguised. Simone’s studies in theater, writing, education, and behavioral science served her well in each of her alternate identities: teacher, research assistant, dog trainer, game developer, nutrition counselor, convention organizer, and executive hand-holder.

Having been grown hydroponically in Chicago, Raleigh, and London, she finally put down roots in Portland, Oregon, where she lives with her husband. She will show you pictures of her pets.

simone@inkintheveins.com | @simonepdx on Twitter | simonepdx on Goodreads



... is hiding her soul from the evil camera.

Jocelyn Lindsay

JOCELYN LINDSAY is in a mental ashram finding herself.

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